Adapt LA
Panel will focus on the sea-level rise planning underway through USC Sea Grant and City of LA.

Creative Financing
Cities will give examples of creative financing mechanisms as case studies and provide tangible action items that can help cities generate funding.

Electric Vehicles Are Coming: What Local Governments Need To Know
How do ongoing efforts from organizations including AQMD, SCAG, car companies, and local governments like South Bay Cities fit together? This panel will inform players in local governments who do not attend all high-level EV conferences.

GHG Inventories
What can local governments do to abide by CEQA regulations and CARB rules? Panel will include a case study on the SANBAG experience and will incorporate consultants who are able to discuss the cost implications of strategies.

Healthier Communities
Panel will focus on a case study of the County Public Health efforts.

How to Retrofit a Built-Out City: A Focus on Energy Efficiency
Panel will discuss issues such as increasing electricity demand under climate change, especially for homes/buildings that do not currently have air conditioning. The City of LA’s Green Retrofit and Workforce Development program will be integrated as a case study.

New Clean Energy Technologies
Can technology save us from climate change? One question to be addressed is the timeframe of technology development and deployment: is it too slow for the requirements on local governments to act?

One County, 88 Cities, 3 Utility Companies, and Endless Opportunities for Solar Generation
What should local governments do when incentives run out? Issues to address will include energy efficiency, collaborative purchasing, feed-in-tariffs, commercial/industrial partner focus, and California Solar Initiative.

Public & Private Partnerships for Success
Discussion will include a focus on the Clean Tech Corridor or Clean Tech LA as case studies.

Think Regionally, Act Locally: Local Transportation Strategies to Advance Regional Sustainability Goals
This panel will explore opportunities for local jurisdictions to help implement the recommendations from the Southern California Association of Government’s (SCAG) 2012 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS) and Metro’s Countywide Sustainability Planning Policy

Water Planning for Climate Change Adaptation
Panel will discuss decision making for climate impacts, successful municipal climate action planning for water, regional collaborative planning for climate change (and funding), urban water efficiency measures, and law and policy landscape (and funding). The following questions will be discussed:
- How can water entities/collaboratives integrate climate planning into water planning?
- How can municipalities move ahead with climate-water planning now?
- Where will funding for water/climate planning come from?






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